Vienna, Austria 

Coffee drinking in Vienna is more than just a daily ritual to kickstart the day — it is also an art form and an integral part of their lifestyle. Visit Vienna’s many grand old coffee shops to indulge in the charming ambience and intricate interiors to experience the city’s social experience fully! Vienna has something to offer for every coffee connoisseur. From vintage coffee shops to contemporary hip cafes, these coffee shops are regarded as ‘the city’s public living rooms’, as a diverse range of patrons enjoy coffee over conversations for hours. Thanks to the numerous coffee houses that dot the city, Vienna coffee houses made it to UNESCO’s ‘National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2011.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In the 19th century, the French colonialists introduced coffee to Vietnam and led to a boom in coffee production, particularly in the highlands of central Vietnam. Today, coffee shops line the streets of Vietnam as simple roadside stands to stylish modern cafes, providing a place for patrons to sit, relax and bond with friends. The French had all the coffee they desired during the colonial period, but the lack of fresh milk was a problem. They began to use condensed milk as a substitute, giving birth to one of Vietnam’s most iconic coffee beverages — the sweet and smooth ‘ca phe sua da’. Besides that, egg yolk and yoghurt are also alternatives to make the beverage more flavorful. 

Nescafe MY

Melbourne, Australia

Innovative, refined and fresh — Melbourne’s coffee culture stands out from the rest. It is all about paying homage to the authentic flavours of coffee beans while innovating new coffee styles from siphon to cold-drip coffee. As a generation of Italian and Greek migrants brought their European-style espresso machines to Australia after World War II, the espresso boom of the 1950s soon became a way of life. Since the ‘Third Wave’ of the coffee scene back in the 2000s, the Melbourne coffee scene has evolved into a unique cultural process and art form, distinct from traditional European coffee culture constraints. With independently-owned cafes all over the city, patrons often flocked to cafes for a hearty weekend brunch of fusion cuisines and a good cuppa — all fit for an Instagram-worthy shot!

Ipoh, Malaysia

Unlike Europe’s elaborate coffee culture that strives to perfect each brew or Melbourne’s coffee culture that innovates and creates, Ipoh coffee culture has a nostalgic yet unique laidback charm to it. Ipoh is where the old and the new of coffee culture meets, a fusion of traditional kopitiams and contemporary cafes that creates a unique, laid back vibe for urbanites and tourists alike. The iconic Ipoh white coffee is still widely enjoyed in many old-styled kopitiams together with toast bread, and soft boiled eggs, a traditional breakfast affair that you will not want to miss! Craving for the modern coffee experience? Visit the many speciality cafes and quaint coffee bars nestled in the old streets of Ipoh — a pleasant discovery to escape the sweltering heat on hot afternoons. 


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