Comprehensive Protection Plans With AIG Malaysia

As we go through our day-to-day lives, we risk facing many threats that could cost our lives. One of the ways to be best prepared is by investing in a good cheap travel insurance plan. A good insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage for different kinds of misfortune that may happen to us. With AIG, you can get yourself covered in various ways.

AIG Malaysia’s Protection Plans

Are you searching for an all-inclusive protection plan? Get insured in many aspects with AIG Malaysia. Get all that you need in one-stop here, as you can get insurance plans that cover the most important things to you, whether it’s your home, your transportation, your travels, and yourself against any unpredictable accidents.

Travel Insurance From AIG

Travelling overseas or domestically is an excellent opportunity to refresh and relax, but accidents can disrupt an enjoyable experience. AIG Travel Insurance provides up to RM1 million coverage on medical bills if you suffer from complications requiring medical treatment during your trip. In addition, the plan also covers any COVID-19-related incidents of up to RM700,000.


Home Insurance From AIG

Give your home and your belongings the utmost protection with AIG Malaysia. Get the extensive coverage for your home, including your valuables anywhere and wherever they are at your house. In case any damage occurs to your homes, such as theft, flash flood, or fire, this plan gets you covered, offering you accommodation expenses while you’re away.

Avoid Heavy Losses And Liabilities With AIG Car Insurance

Driving your car puts you at many risks. Still, you can free yourself of worry with AIG’s Car Insurance. This protection plan covers damage to your vehicles in case any damage happens, whether from theft, fire, or accident. It also protects your liabilities, such as damage to other vehicles involved in an accident with you.

Personal Accident Insurance

Whether it’s medical expenses, bills, or more, AIG Personal Accident Insurance provides a thorough protection plan that grows with you. Get protection plans that cater to you as an individual and your family as you grow. This insurance is also tailored for your convenience, as you can sign up online or personally with one of AIG’s friendly agents.

Importance of Insurance Plans

What will happen to you or your loved ones in the face of life uncertainties such as accidents, health problems or natural disasters? It might be challenging to think about, but getting prepared even with a cheap travel insurance plan is the best way to alleviate the impact of these unfortunate events. Give you and your loved ones peace of mind with insurance coverage from AIG.

Get Extensive Coverage With AIG Malaysia

Picking a good insurance plan can be strict with so many products in the market. AIG is a place where you can get extensive insurance plans for various aspects of your life. Get a personal insurance plan, travel insurance or an auto insurance plan, all at AIG. Visit for more information.

Summary Of Perodua

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua, greater recognised as Perodua, is actually a key fixture on Malaysian roadways. The most significant vehicle suppliers in Malaysia, these are known previously for producing minicars and supermini autos. Hoping to be an automobile company that is comparable to other worldwide producers, Perodua is the central auto brand in Malaysia. Especially known for its SUV and MPV Malaysia prefers.

Perodua’s Simple Beginnings

Since 1993, Perodua has made many remarkable autos. The Kancil, launched in 1994, is undoubtedly an icon of community autos. Nowadays, Perodua’s collection involves sedans, MPVs along with an SUV. Despite that, men and women still adore minicars because the Axia and Myvi would be the country’s most sold car designs! In reality, the Myvi was Malaysia’s top selling vehicle from 2006 to 2013.

Myvi, The Malaysians’ Favourite

As it was launched in 2005, the Myvi is a most liked for Malaysians for several good reasons. It’s smooth and small automobile design and style appealed to younger individuals. With a great benefit attached, the automobile gives comfort and confidence with extra safety and security functions, rendering it an apparent selection for customers. It’s clear why Perodua Myvi remains well-liked.

Axia: An Auto For Many Malaysians

Perodua Axia was launched in 2014. This more recent model appealed to many initially-time car customers mainly because it is amongst the most competitive small autos in the marketplace. The built in EEV motor meant better gas ingestion and disturbance lowering, contributing to value of possessing an Axia. People are confirmed performance plus benefit once they drive the Axia.

The Sporty Perodua Aruz

The Perodua Aruz will be the most up-to-date design by Perodua. It is a seven-seater SUV using the gasoline-successful EEV engine. With a sporty and vibrant design and style and special highlights, the Perodua Aruz is pleasant to check out. For those who have an Aruz, driving to your spot will unquestionably be exciting and comfy.

Perodua Alza: The Adaptable MPV

Up coming in the line of greater automobiles is the Perodua Alza, an MPV which prides on its adaptability. It can be produced right into a seven-seater whenever you need to have that more space. Otherwise, you can preserve it in their all-natural condition, a five-seater. Bearing in mind the street trips that Malaysians tend to make during joyful periods, also, it is fitted using the little essentials which make a getaway convenient.


Bezza: The Intelligent And Chic Sedan

The Perodua Bezza is Perodua’s solution to a sedan vehicle. It can be created with a light-weight and gasoline-effective generator letting sound and vibrations to become stored as low as possible. The Bezza comes in a variety of colours to complement the stylish look it sporting activities. This car functions well and is also slowly becoming more popular among Malaysians!

Malaysians’ Affinity For Perodua

Perodua is a house title within Malaysia. Because of that, there is not any question that this company could possibly be in line to discharge the country’s after that countrywide vehicle. Numerous Malaysians drive a Perodua car as his or her first auto you can easily be sentimental over their earlier models including the Perodua Kancil and Perodua Kelisa.

Moving Forward with Perodua

With their range of automobiles, such as sedans, sports utility vehicles and MPV Malaysia, there is definitely one thing for everyone at Perodua. From initially-time individuals to households, Perodua has made it possible for Malaysians to have range of motion with vehicles of top quality. Find out more about our vehicles at