About MILO®

Generally known as Malaysians’ most liked chocolate malt ingest brand name, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia as a drink powder built to develop electricity. Today, MILO® is produced in over 24 production facilities around the world and available in more than 40 countries, as well as its unique chocolate flavours are adored by many and the many different variations including the MILO cereal drink and less sugar option.

MILO® Positive Aspects

A provision of MILO® can provide you with the power you will need for your daily workouts. A cup of MILO® contains 124kcal, making up 6% of your power daily. It is additionally full of dairy being a supply of health proteins and calcium supplements, vitamins and minerals to market successful power discharge.

The Famous MILO® Powder

MILO® is famous among Malaysians for its natural powder drink. With only a few tablespoons of MILO® natural powder, you are able to provide MILO® in a variety of approaches. Assist your MILO® hot to start your entire day during breakfast time or with ice-cubes to get a refreshing beverage on a very hot afternoon.

MILO® On-the-Go

If you need MILO® in an instant, you can find completely ready-to-beverage goods for your benefit. Take pleasure in the delicious goodness of MILO anywhere you go in lots of fascinating flavours that make you stay energized out and about. You can also get MILO® in the box with MILO® UHT which can enhance your diet.

Have a Morning meal With MILO®

MILO® even offers various products that one can enjoy in the morning. Begin your day with Nutri Breakfast instant oatmeal, packed with the goodness of oats along with the delightful preference of traditional banana pieces. Also, you can try out MILO® With Wholegrain Cereal to provide a lot more fibre to your diet plan.


MILO® Dairy-free Option

Consumers of dairy-free merchandise can continue to enjoy the advantages and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy-Free Almond is lower in extra fat and an excellent source of herb-structured protein. MILO® Dairy-free is good if you’re lactose intolerant or eager for a vegetation-based diet program.

Healthier Lifestyle With MILO®

MILO® always encourages Malaysians to incorporate a wholesome lifestyle within their lives. MILO® has actions and strategies for individuals of various ages to participate in initiatives to become more active. There are activities like athletics workshops for youths, exterior occasions, and much more.

Why Choose MILO®?

MILO® has been selected by many Malaysian families for its diverse flavours and nutritious beliefs. The brand’s great deal of merchandise can be associated with your meals and match your nutritional choices including MILO cereal. MILO® also aims to help make Malaysia healthier with their endeavours.

Uncover Sri KDU’s Options to learn

Appear to go through the epitome of instructional excellence at Sri KDU Schools. Sri KDU schools foster life-changing training by emphasizing scholastic accomplishment, personalized growth, and an active extracurricular system, setting pupils up for potential achievements and essential efforts to culture. Become a member of Sri KDU today to commence your child’s academic trip! Explore their international private schools options.

Invest In A Child’s Potential Right now

XCL Schooling, a respected Malaysian training business, mixes four popular brands from the country’s college method: REAL Kids, REAL Schools, Sri KDU Schools, and Prestigion K12. A vast group of preschools, private schools, international schools, and enrichment centres currently can handle the company’s functions. So that anyone may learn their ideal surroundings for advancement, whether at home or overseas, XCL provides many alternatives for higher-high quality schooling across several degrees.

Sri KDU Schools

Releasing Sri KDU Universities

Sri KDU Schools has been in the pursuit of cultivating global executives and brokers of modification since 2003. Sri KDU Schools has been around to give quality education to college students in Malaysia for over 18 years via its four areas and specialized faculty. Have a much better look at whatever they train right now. Explore their international private schools options.

Empowering Klang’s Youngsters at Sri KDU

Sri KDU International School Klang may be the initial university in Asia to pay attention to electronic digital management, partnering with Microsoft for school excellence. Focusinconcentrated each learner’s total possible, Klang City is equipped with high quality plus community-school education to put together pupils to success inside the digital community.

Vibrant Opportunities are Here

With the help of a neighbourhood of compassionate educators, Sri KDU Schools will fulfil its mission of supplying children with exceptional training. Your kid will enjoy a well-rounded education and learning at Sri KDU Kota Damansara grounds, which supplies outstanding academic results, future-resistant preparation preparation, and options for character development, well-being, and security. To ensure your child’s long-term accomplishment, enrol them at Sri KDU Kota Damansara now.

Uncover Your Child’s Correct Potential At Sri KDU Subang Jaya

Understand how Sri KDU International School Subang Jaya encourages a total energy and pleasant discovering atmosphere that styles pupils into long-term managers. Your child will receive top-notch training within encouraging surroundings that encourage natural figure growth, resulting in top-rated school achievements and upcoming-proof willingness. Sri KDU offers an array of extracurricular pursuits that will both struggle and charm your youngster.

Let’s Discover Your Long-term

The journey of self-discovery begins when students set foot in Sri KDU Schools. For them to learn about themselves and the entire world around them, XCL makes sure individuals participate in various actions.

Feel Beyond the School room with XCL

The goal of CXL Education is always to supply the subsequent generation to cope with probable societal, financial, and environmentally friendly troubles within an entire world where these issues are changing at an unprecedented level, use technological innovation which does not yet really exist, and function in occupations that do not yet really exist. If you need your youngster to develop into a robust leader, enrol them at Sri KDU Schools.

Innovate, Team up and Raise at WSPACE

Meet the work area of your respective ambitions – WSPACE. Having Asia’s first-ever registration-dependent social media workspace app, they supply an atmosphere for synergy between actual existence and digital residential areas. Besides giving work spots, they supply human resources and monetary and lawful professional services. Find out how WSPACE revolutionize the field of cooperating space. Learn more about their event halls and more!

WSPACE: Switching Work Problems into Trouble-free Alternatives

WSPACE understands how straining work can be. Hence, they strive to provide a space where folks are inspired and influenced. With thoughtfully created spots and a seamless booking approach, you may now work much more productively and efficiently and stay connected with some other specialists. Bid farewell to Monday blues with WSPACE!

WSPACE Meeting Room

Hot Desks compared to Shared Desks: Deciding on the best Match to your Workflow

Discover the potency of cooperation, convenience, and convenience with an upgraded work ambience made to keep you fruitful and influenced. Whether you’re a freelancer or remote worker, make WSPACE your go-to co-functioning space using their Hot Desks and discussed areas. Learn more about their event halls and more!

WSPACE, Groundbreaking Individual Place of Work Answer

Meet up with WSPACE’s Private Offices, where you’ll look for a versatile, adjustable workplace. WSPACE’s private offices supply a suitable setting for focused operation, regardless of whether you’re renting one of our far more modestly priced Signature Rooms for a small team or one of our much more gorgeous Corporate Offices for a more significant single. Question WSPACE’s private offices now.

Seamless Activities, Memorable Recollections at WSPACE

WSPACE’s luxurious seminar spaces and large event halls are equipped with decreasing-advantage modern technology and providers to guarantee the event’s achievement. WSPACE is the ideal location for every kind of company collecting, from small class periods to massive conferences. Be sure your upcoming collection is really a success. Help make your next occasion one to recall by booking among WSPACE’s sophisticated meeting or event halls.

Unrivaled Working Exposure To WSPACE Malaysia

WSPACE is not only a cooperating room – it’s an unforgettable experience. With various services prepared for every area, an anxiety-totally free working setting will not be an aspiration! From free utility bills to front-side workplace management, WSPACE easily handles your everyday menial jobs using their superb services.

Finding WSPACE’s Dynamic Workspace in Mid Valley

Would you desire a functional atmosphere that supports output and creativity? The reply is WSPACE. Improve your recent working problems by converting to an individual workplace or a provided office. WSPACE is more than simply a location to be effective; furthermore, it hosts routines created to foster ingenuity and facilitate a specialist network. WSPACE presently has areas in both Mid Valley and GTower KL.

Generate Remarkable, Amazing things For Your Personal Company With WSPACE

Pay a visit to WSPACE in Kuala Lumpur today to make the most of its inspiring and productive feel. Ensure you are satisfied with something lower than WSPACE’s premium virtual workplace remedy. WSPACE provides alternatives for collaborative operation, including workplace, to assist you in releasing your creative imagination. You can achieve higher degrees of inspiration and creativity due to WSPACE.

Amway Malaysia’s Gut Health Products for a More Healthy You

Reset your gut for a healthier and happier you! Amway supplies high-quality, nutritious items that will help you in your journey. Get their gut health items at the moment to start out increasing your intestinal tract health. Shielding your gut with Amway Malaysia! Try out their vitamins today!

Amway Malaysia’s Very Proud Record

The vast choice of higher-high-quality things available from Amway, organized into five main groups, helps to ensure that everyone may find something to improve their experience. Amway has been an award-profitable international brand since its inception in 1976 and has been listed on the Bursa Malaysia Primary Market since 1996.

Amway Gut Health

Amway Malaysia’s Gut Health Products for Radiant Epidermis and Well-being

Discover Amway’s nourishing gut health items nowadays using the new BodyKey Gut Reset Programme. Receive long-term upgrades for the body by resetting and managing your gut health. To begin experiencing the benefits immediately, choose from the BodyKey Jump Start Kit and the Commence-Up Load up. Try out their vitamins today!

Discover the Necessity of Gut Wellness

Get the gut health products from Amway nowadays and start investing in your gut health. Increase your gut health, live a happieralthier daily life, and lower your risk of inflammation and chronic illnesses! The time has come to take control of your intestinal health with Amway’s Gut Health Goods.

Amway’s Well-being Goods

Nourishment things from Amway will help you live a healthy existence. Amway has one thing for everyone: toddlers’ chewable vitamin C to soy protein refreshments. Grownups usually take control of their health and immune system together with the support of Phytopowder beverage crystals, while bee plant pollen and coenzyme Q10 goods support health and wellness servicing.

Discover Amway’s ABO Program

Be a part of Amway’s ABO System right now and start developing an organization that issues! With the ability to establish your personal hours and objectives, there is no restriction to getting probable. The programme also provides entry to high-quality Amway items, encouraging health and nicely-getting. Go to Amway’s website for more information!

Why You Need To Opt for Amway

You can consume tasty, great-quality food items once you join Amway. Locate an arena of organic and natural cosmetic products and health supplements supported by science. Lift up your property existence with status-of-the-craft equipment by Amway as well. Any of these simple items provide ways to dramatically increase your properly-getting and lifestyle.

How is Amway Helpful for Malaysians?

Amway is a vital brand mainly because it delivers good quality client items for Malaysians. For example, folks have their own elegant and nutritious goods. At the same time, there is more merchandise designed to shape a household’s needs. As a result, Amway is a significant manufacturer because it assists all demographics in Malaysia in having more substantial health and way of living.

Safeguard Yourself And Your Family With AIG Malaysia

Insurance is a safety net for you and your loved ones in the event of an emergency. At AIG Malaysia, your every need is covered by their wide range of insurance policies, tailored to protect you from any unforeseen incidents. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your loved ones and contact AIG now to learn how their insurance can protect you.

AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Policies

With four key insurance policies – home, car, travel and personal accident insurance – AIG Malaysia can protect all aspects of your life and provide a secure backup plan against unexpected accidents. With AIG, you don’t have to worry about navigating the complex insurance landscape alone. Contact AIG Malaysia now to start protecting your future.

AIG’s Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Travel worry-free with AIG Malaysia’s Travel Insurance policies. AIG Malaysia offers comprehensive travel insurance policies that can cover you for medical expenses, lost luggage, delayed flights, and more. No matter where you’re headed, AIG keeps you protected so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Get your travel insurance policy with AIG today!

Secure Your Home With AIG Home Insurance

AIG Malaysia’s Home Insurance policies offer a range of features to keep your mind at ease, such as coverage against natural disasters and theft protection for your valuables. You can even upgrade to full theft coverage for extra protection. AIG Home Insurance is here to help you protect it all.

Avoid Heavy Losses And Liabilites With AIG Car Insurance

Owning a vehicle grants you freedom of movement, but it also entails certain risks that can result in damages and losses. AIG Car Insurance renewal provides coverage for your vehicle from damages due to fire, theft and road accidents. You are also protected from incurring heavy liabilities as the plan also covers the damage of other vehicles involved in the same accident with you.

Personal Accident Insurance That Progresses With You

AIG Malaysia’s Personal Accident Insurance offers six different basic plans and additional benefits such as daily hospital income and medical expense reimbursements. AIG also provides a lump sum payout for all accidents, medical and hospitalization benefits. Be prepared for whatever the future may hold anywhere at any time with AIG.

Insurance Is Never An Unnecessary Expense

In an unpredictable world, having a reliable insurance plan makes you feel reassured and be free from any financial burdens that may arise due to unexpected illnesses or accidents. Rest assured for your finances and those of your loved ones are always protected from unexpected incidents in life.

AIG Insurance Plans For Comprehensive Protection

Not sure which insurance company to approach for your insurance coverage plans? AIG is the solution for you. Get coverage for your vehicle, your property or your safety when you’re out travelling all at AIG Malaysia! AIG Malaysia guarantee a seamless purchase procedure and quick claims turnaround in the face of mishaps. Head over to aig.com.my for more details.

On The Streets With Perodua

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad, or even more often called Perodua, can be a popular Malaysian car firm. In the beginning, recognized for producing minicars and superminis, Perodua is now among the most significant manufacturers in the nation. In addition to building various car versions for Malaysians, Perodua is one of the most recommended car brands. Explore more about their 9 seater suv Malaysia and more.

The Cornerstone of Perodua’s Good Results

Soon after Perodua started its operations in 1993, the organization released its initial vehicle, Perodua Kancil. Because of the launch of the Kancil, Perodua now produces a variety of vehicle types, such as SUVs and hatchbacks. Malaysians are especially keen on the Myvi and Axia types, making Myvi the best-selling automobile in Malaysia from 2006 to 2013.

Perodua Alza

Perodua Myvi: Malaysia’s Recommended Hatchback

Given its introduction in 2005, the Myvi has experienced good results in Malaysia. The modern external surfaces and adaptable interior led to its quick popularity in Malaysia. The Perodua Myvi is an excellent selection for drivers with much practical experience. Go through the Myvi variation for yourself now! Explore more about their 9 seater suv Malaysia and more.

Axia: An Automobile For Many Malaysians

The Perodua Axia offers everything you need for a comfortable and secure drive, whether just getting to and from work or taking a lengthy journey within a few days. It’s hard not to fall in love with this subcompact hatchback due to its appealing style and top-quality characteristics. Regardless of its moderate price position, the Axia offers drivers a high level of luxury and luxury – by reviewing the excellent layout of its gas-successful EEV engine that’ll delight your wallet.

Be Daring with Perodua Aruz

The Aruz is the perfect automobile for almost any journey simply because of the impressively athletic exterior and spacious interior that may cater to seven travellers. The Aruz is just as breathtaking inside because it is about the look. Get ready for that pinnacle of driving a vehicle pleasure using the new Perodua Aruz.

Perodua Alza: The Versatile MPV

Want a household vehicle that could cater to every person? If you’re trying to find an MPV in Malaysia, the best choice is the Perodua Alza. The Alza was developed with family members in mind, so be assured that you and yours will have a pleasing and relaxing time on your trips. Figure out why the Perodua Alza is very well-liked throughout Malaysia.

Perodua Bezza: The Dependable Sedan

The first sedan from Perodua, the Perodua Bezza, is a great, high-quality motor vehicle with a smooth style. The Perodua Bezza, with its smooth external surfaces and productive engine, has changed into a preferred choice for drivers in Malaysia. It’s straightforward why this car is becoming popular amongst drivers, particularly with its stylish layout and powerful performance.

Beyond 2023: What Depends on Retailers for Perodua?

Perodua takes on a crucial part in virtually any Malaysian’s daily life. This has produced autos for years, giving us freedom with excellent benefits. For many, it is their first driving a car seasoned in the Kanciith Myvi’s undeniable recognition; Malaysians could hope for a new nationwide car from Perodua a bit later.

Produce lasting Memories With Perodua Nowadays

Regardless of whether you would like a compact essential car or even a substantial loved one’s car, a Perodua auto is usually a good selection for all car owners. Its efficiency, stability, and cost-effective cost level show this. Check out a Perodua display room in your area today, or check out Perodua.com.my to find out more.

Introducing Maggi

Were only available in Switzerland and resolved in Malaysia after independence, Maggi is well-liked for food items merchandise adored by Malaysians for example instant noodles and seasonings. Our accomplishments are getting Gold in the 2019 Putra Manufacturer Honours 2019 under Nestle. Malaysians want to use Maggi as it is halal food and items that will make cooking food a breeze.

What Maggi Delivers

Maggi is acknowledged for quick noodles in lots of flavours like curry and chicken. But we also have other items including sauces, like chilli and oyster sauce, that happen to be employed as condiments or perhaps to be added to the cooking. Cooking food is simpler using our spices like our fowl and beef stock cubes. To create a quick food, you can test our mixes and fast noodles. Follow our chicken curry recipe that uses Maggi products.

Essential Quality Recipes

An array of dishes are offered so that you can be produced effortlessly with Maggi goods. If you are looking for fowl tasty recipes, our poultry rendang is not difficult to create with CukupRasa spices. We also have tasty recipes with various meats. As an illustration, our meat and broccoli menu is produced deliciously having a kick from my oyster sauce.

Instantly Delightful Foods with Maggi

Require something fast and tasty? Attempt our effortless dishes with CukupRasa and fried rice seasoning, like our Chinese fried rice menu. Tasty recipes for fish and shellfish are available, like our prawns coated in hot spicy and sourness from your Tomyum Paste. Serve nourishing vegetable-quality recipes like fried kangkung belacan or salted seafood kailan with these stock cubes.

International Meals With Maggi

Make food from worldwide at home with Maggi products. We have now American dishes for example the meaty meatloaf plus a preference for the Eastern like lamb dumplings and kung pao chicken. Our teriyaki poultry menu with Maggi oyster marinade to get a quick Japanese dish, and Arab recipes like the chicken Arab rice, made with Maggi stock cubes.


Exclusive Projects with Maggi

Maggi items are very well known all over the world and men and women have incorporated it in delicacy dishes. In a few elements of the world, kheer, a regular Indian rice milk pudding, has Maggi’s instant noodles included in it. In addition to that, treat quality recipes like potato potato chips are also tried with Maggi items by home prepares.

Get Help From Maggi

Get the very best out of cooking food for better quality family time with our recommendations. Find out about the ideal pasta pairings, the best way to fry seafood like a professional, or how food preparation the correct way may be great to improve your health, time, and budget. You can also discover ways to organise your kitchen to create full utilisation of the room there with MAGGI.

Choose Maggi Now

Choose Maggi as your food preparation partner now for any hassle- totally free and swift dish preparation at home. Our items can go with many dishes in versatile techniques to ensure that you can make anything at all readily accessible inside your kitchen pantry. Our plentiful quality recipes such as chicken curry recipe can also inspire you to make a selection of straightforward meals to help you get out of dish ruts.